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Filter Replacement Service

If filtration systems are not properly maintained or the quality of filters are not up to required standard, the quality of water will deteriorate after filtration or may even become unsuitable for drinking.

Dedicated to the profession of water filtration technology, we provide one-stop service on water purification solution to our customers.  For after sales service, our experienced technical service team provide Filter Replacement Service as a core commitment to maintain the system performance so that you can enjoy the best quality water at all times. All Aqua-Vital filters and filtration systems are professionally certified by NSF and SGS (Refer to Filtration System).

All customers (existing or non-existing clients) are welcome to join one of the following filter replacement service according to your specific requirement:

  • Regular Filter Replacement Service Plan or
  • On-call service for any drinking water filtration solution

For details, please call our Customer Service Hotline (852) 3565 1333.


Customers subscribing our Regular Filter Replacement Service Plan can also enjoy our privileged maintenance services covering:

  • Free functional test of water dispenser after filter replacement
  • Special rate for repair service
  • Free warranty for Filtration System (excluding Filters)


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