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Reverse Osmosis Applications

Humans in the pursuit of how to obtain pure drinking water from the process of boiling, distillation, ion exchange, activated carbon filtration... etc., are unable to obtain a perfect water. Only the Reverse Osmosis filtration technology can effectively remove 99% of total dissolved solids (TDS) in water including organic and inorganic chemicals, impurities, virus, bacteria, pyrogens and other particles with purity of less than 5 ppm. This pure water can be widely used in various aspects including medical and therapeutical applications such as blood dialysis, laboratory and the process of desalinization.

Reverse osmosis was originally applied in the space and military aspect and gradually developed to desalinization of sea water. Today, RO filtration technology is mature enough to be widely applied in various industrial, commercial and domestic purposes. For example:

  • Pharmaceuticals: used for making liquid drug suspension

  • Food & Beverage: used for bottled water and drinks

  • Beauty: used for facial treatment to improve effectiveness and quality of treatment as a competitive advantage

  • Offices, Hotels, Schools and Households: used for drinking water to save cost and space, reduce administrative work or workload and enjoy healthier water.

Benefits of RO Application in Household:

Convenience and Enjoyment of Life:

  • For Direct drinking
  • Providing Hot and Chilled water with water dispenser
  • Limescale free for ironing
  • Chlorine free and small water molecules for face deep cleaning and skin beauty without allergic reaction
  • Perfect for making ice cubes and drinks
  • Greater taste for cooking and making soup
  • The best water for preparing baby food
  • Fruit, vegetables and food rinse clean

Saving Cost:

  • Providing unlimited pure water for use without ordering distilled water
  • Much lower cost than distilled water


  • More suitable for human bodies, the best drinking water
  • As pure as distilled water
  • Neutral pH value, same as tap water
  • Keeping a little water soluble minerals
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